Start of the new Me… and My Motivation

by Eric

Hi, my name is Eric and this is my diary blog. Over the past few months I have attempted to get fit or die. As you may know, fitness is not always easy.  Sticking with the program is not always easy. I started off by training for a triathlon, then signed up for a marathon.  The training process for the triathlon was pretty easy and fluent.  Immediately after the triathlon I took a short break then started training for the marathon.  My training level initially for the marathon was really intense.  I enjoyed it, I loved it, I embraced it, and I knew finishing the 26.2 miles was going to happen with out a hitch. Then one day I hit a wall, and ask myself “what was I doing?”  My legs felt like sandbags, my head was pounding, my body felt like it was sagging and heavy.  Right after that the inevitable happened… I took another break.  The break started out as two days, then three, then a week.  That week turned into three weeks.  And now it’s time for me to get back into training mode. This is where my diary starts… Starting Line Over the next couple months I will be documenting my training to complete the marathon.  This will include my training program, training times, feelings and emotions for the training, and anything else that needs to be included.  This will include apps and tools for my phone and computer, pictures of me, and the progress that I have made so far.  Motivational quotes or anything that keeps me going will be posted in hopes that it will inspire and motivate you. The knowledge that this will be public and anybody can call me on what it is I am doing is part of my motivation.

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