Run for Your Lives! to Get Fit or Die!

by Eric

Run for Your Lives!  The Zombie Apocalypse Run Review!

Who: Noelle and I, Friends from the kids school and work friends What: Run for Your Lives! Where: Temecula, CA When: October 20, 2012 Why: Something different and the only way to motivate Noelle (my wife) to do something other than Zumba!
The “Run for Your Lives!” aka Zombie run is a 5k course with hills, obstacles and of course, Zombies!  This wasn’t any ordinary 3.1 mile run  that I have done in the past.  It was interval to the nth degree.  When Zombies came after me, I sprinted!  When there were a group of Zombies, I cut, twirled, dodged, and jumped!  In between groups of Zombies, I caught my breath and stretched my legs.
Then there were the obstacles!  Running through mud pits, hurdling over barriers, sliding into pools, and going through Zombie infested mazes and electrifying houses! This was an experience like no other since this was my first obstacle course that I have run.  There were some people that were going around the mud pits and over the wooden tunnels (they were meant to be crawled under) because they didn’t want to get dirty.  My mentality was to have as much fun as I can.  I remember saying to myself “how often do I do this?  Go for it! Get muddy, EVERYWHERE!!”  The mud pits weren’t really that cold. I didn’t end up getting shocked.  I did get some cuts and bruises.  I did get winded and a little sore from climbing the hills.  I did have mud EVERYWHERE! And most importantly, I had a great time!! No matter what the event is, going in with the right mentality seems to be key.  I just want to have fun and enjoy the experience.  I’m not going out to break any world record (at least not yet) or crush my competition.  It’s an opportunity to make sure that I train for the event and keep consistent with my physical activity.  So long as I’m training for something, I know I have to be active! Zombies or not, I train to Get Fit or Die!!        

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