Get Fit or Die – Team Do It!!

by Eric

Team_DO-IT In an effort to Get Fit or Die, my brother-in-law Jeff and I have challenged each other to lose weight, Get Fit, and hold each other accountable in the process.  And thus the creation of Team DO IT!! We are following the PASS UP method to achieve our goals and stay on track.

P is for Prepare Mentally

As part of the system we needed to prepare mentally by committing to ourselves, each other, and the Get Fit or Die! community. Our overall goal is to weigh in at 200 lbs. by June 8th, the day of the LA Tri Series Triathlon that we both competing in. We talked over the Christmas gathering and made an interim goal of losing 10 lbs. by the beginning of February.  The person who doesn’t achieve the goal pays the other $35 gift certificate.  This is meant for pain in two ways, bragging rights, and a monetary pain.  The more motivation and accountability there is, the more likely we will attain our goals!

A is for Assessing Where You Are

To assess where we are, we both weighed in and set our goal.  We are both somewhat active and will have no problem with the exercise required to attain our goal.  We both know that we love food enough that we need to really pay attention to our diet to make the goal even more feasible. With that said, here are the stats: Eric Current Weight as of December 29, 2012: 231 lbs. Goal weight on June 8, 2013: 200 lbs. Jeff Current weight as of December 29, 2012: 239 lbs. Goal weight on June 8, 2013: 200 lbs. S is for Signing up for an Event As part of the PASS UP method, we need to sign up for an event in order to keep our exercise goal on track.  We both signed up for the LA Tri Series Sprint Triathlon.  The short course is a 300M swim, 13.3K Bike, and a 5K run. Jeff and I did the same triathlon last summer and it is a good start longer courses.  This will also make sure that we are training in different disciplines rather than just running to change things up.

S is for Setting Up for Success

Jeff and I have signed up for 2 different apps to track our progress.  These can be used on our smart phones or logged in through the web.  This makes it easy and convenient to enter our progress and training.  These are also linked to our Twitter feeds to keep updates constantly coming in. RunKeeper The first app is called RunKeeper and is free through the app store of your choice.  This app tracks the exercise portion of our regiment by using the GPS inside the smart phone to tell you your speed, distance, and calories burned. MyFitnessPal The second app is called MyFitnessPal and is also free through the app stores.  This app allows you to journal your calorie intake by adding the foods you eat and drink. The database with this app and website is outstanding and also includes a scanner piece that allows you to scan the UPC barcode on the label of what ever you eat.  So far there has only been a few items that wasn’t in the database already.

U is for Understanding Nutrition

Understanding nutrition will be the make or break for our goals because we both love food with a capital “L.”  I tend to over eat just because food is good, or just in front of me.  I’ve given up certain vices like pizza and soda but always felt that if I’m exercising I could get away with eating more of the “good” stuff. I will be discussing nutrition further in other articles since this is a big subject, but the bottom line is that we will need to burn more calories than we consume.

P is for Programming Your Fitness

Programming your fitness is following a program in order to achieve the goal that you set out accomplish.  Each of us has our own way of training and we will be posting what we do through the twitter feed.  The official program will be posted once it is determined.

Ready… Set… DO IT!!!

Now that we are all set up, there’s nothing left to do but DO IT!!! Follow along with us as we journey our way through serious weight loss and the ultimate goal to Get Fit or Die!! Ready… Set… DO IT!!!

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