Bad Running Days are for the Birds…

by Eric

Have you ever felt like your legs are sandbags? Or your head is just not right? Ever feel like when you’re running you hit a wall and can’t push yourself to go any further? Those times just tend to be bad running days. Here are some suggestions that you could do instead of running: If you’re in the middle of a run, just stop and walk. Sightsee and take a look at what’s around you. Take in all the sites and people that you are passing as you on your mission to finish your exercise goal for the day. Enjoy life by doing some bird watching as you’re walking through a park or on your hike. Take in the sites of all the different animals that are surrounding you. Take in all those things that you take for granted as you’re running towards the finish line of your day’s goal. Another activity is to do a different muscle group. While in the middle of a run, stop and do push-ups, jumping jacks, or pull-ups. Ultimately, just get out and finish some type of workout while enjoying the environment around you. Try to get out and make the best of a bad running day. After all, bad running days are for the birds… bird watching that is! Now get out there and Get Fit or Die!

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