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January_CalendarAfter one month Jeff and I have been working hard to obtain our first goal of a 10 lb. loss.   Money and more importantly, bragging rights are on the line in obtaining the initial goal.

Diet and exercise have been the normal routine as well as a lot of moral support from each other.  Part of our goal is to help each other stay on track and poke each other if we get out of line.  So far, it has worked!!


By cutting out alcohol, white carbs (bread, rice, etc.), and eating more fruits, vegetables, and protein, I have cut an additional 3 lbs. off the original goal for a total of 13 lb. loss!  Not bad for the first month.  Here are the latest results:

Beginning weight: 231 lbs.

1 month goal weight: 221 lbs.

Current weight: 218 lbs.


By cutting out sodas and having smaller portion sizes, Jeff has cut a whopping 12 lbs.!!  Great job and way to Do IT!!!  Here are Jeff’s results:

Beginning weight: 239 lbs.

1 month goal weight: 229 lbs.

Current weight: 227 lbs.


All in all we both crushed our goal and are looking forward to completing the next month with a definite loss in weight.  Although we are both bragging about our accomplishments, no money was needed to be transferred.

If you missed the wager and the background to this story, check it out here.

Team Do It!  is off to a great start and running to Get Fit or Die!!



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